A Note from Co-Founder Foster Coulson

A Note From
Co-Founder Foster Coulson

Funding Tomorrow's Innovations

I founded Zelenko Labs with my dear friend Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who was a pioneer, a True Hero. His Zelenko protocol and his immune supplements helped millions of people stay healthy during the pandemic. Sadly, after Zev’s passing, his products have been knocked off and copied by the very people who used to support him, they did this to line their own pockets and it’s tragic. It’s a shame because do you know what Zelenko Labs does with its profits? It reinvests them into start up biotech companies who private equity and big pharmaceutical companies won’t touch because of their potential positive impact. Zev left me a road map for the cures he wanted the world to have. Supporting Zelenko Labs is helping fund tomorrow’s innovations. WWW.ZSTACKLIFE.COM

"Zev left me a road map for the cures he wanted the world to have."

- Foster Coulson


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