Sleep better knowing your immune system is protected.

Z-Night from Z-Labs

You already know and trust the original Z-Stack, which Dr. Zelenko created to allow people all across the globe to take control of their health without relying on the corrupting power of big pharma.

Now experience Z-Night – a specially formulated sleep supplement created to work with Z-Stack.

Dr. Zelenko's promise was to support and strengthen your immune system. Z-Night – combined with Z-Stack – provides you the best fighting chance at building a more robust, resilient immune system.


Z-Night was developed with real, all-natural ingredients.

The ingredients in each capsule of Z-Night weren't chosen at random – they were chosen specifically for their natural ability to help you sleep better without side effects or harmful pharmaceuticals.

Explore the natural ingredients in Z-Night

Tryptophan (click to expand)

This well-known nutrient, famous for inducing post-Thanksgiving drowsiness, serves as a precursor to Melatonin. It plays a crucial role in regulating both mood and sleep, ensuring a peaceful slumber.


With its unique properties, GABA works wonders in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. By calming your body's nerve responses to the brain, it promotes a state of relaxation, allowing your mind to disconnect and unwind.


Experience the benefits of falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer, and minimizing nighttime awakenings with the help of magnesium. This essential mineral also aids in naturally boosting Melatonin levels, ultimately improving the quality and duration of your precious sleep.


Working by enhancing the liver's ability to metabolize caffeine, Rutaecarpine facilitating caffeine's swift removal from your system. This remarkable natural compound supports the breakdown and excretion of caffeine, ensuring a rapid and efficient detoxification process.


Embrace the soothing effects of chamomile, the gentle flower renowned for its presence in "sleepy-time" teas. Acting as a mild natural sedative, chamomile relaxes your entire body, leading to a profound improvement in both the quality and length of your sleep.


Provides a soothing power and considered a natural sedative that can help you achieve a longer and more restful sleep.

Experience the secret to a night of blissful rest. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and embrace a rejuvenating slumber that leaves you refreshed and ready to conquer each day with vitality and vigor.

Dr. Zelenko knew the importance sleep plays on your immunity.

Each product from Z-Stack was built from Dr. Zev Zelenko's critical research into natural immunity.

To this day, the same team which built Z-Stack continues Dr. Zelenko's legacy with uniquely-designed natural solutions to modern-day living, including Z-Sleep.

The Zelenko Way

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All Zelenko products feature fast, free shipping on all orders because we know how important it is to stay healthy.

Quality guaranteed

Dr. Zelenko built his legacy on the same products that bear his name to this day. Zelenko Labs stands behind its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Kosher, vegan, and gluten-free.

Z-Sleep was forumulated to be safe, healthy, and taken by people from all walks of life.


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