A Top Vitamin To Help The Body Detox.

A Top Vitamin To Help The Body Detox.



While the astronomically high rate of heart attacks and strokes is no laughing matter, the absurdity that continues to be pushed through mainstream media regarding the cause, most definitely is.


Nobody makes this distinction more apparent than podcaster and comedian, Russell Brand. In his most recent video in which he replays a clip from The Today Show, one of the hosts states,  


'Doctors say they are seeing an alarming number of seemingly healthy patients having heart attacks, and those patients are getting younger and younger.'


Most certainly not news to the aware and awake population.


No matter the ‘research’ attempts to make a case for this high number—now citing ‘obesity’ as one of the causes—there is certainly nothing ‘normal’ about healthy individuals experiencing serious symptoms and fatal outcomes resulting from heart disease. And yet, this is exactly what the latest propaganda campaign is aggressively attempting to do on a whole other level:




And excuse away.


One can only wonder if at least some of these media hosts are aware in the pits of their stomach as to what they are doing to the public: Spoon feeding agenda-driven distractors in order to deter from the giant elephant in the room.


Perhaps we are at the point of needing to accept that if individuals are still wearing rose coloured glasses, they may never be able to see the truth of what is unfolding before their very eyes.


In light of the extensive damage caused by injections of every kind over the past many decades—including the flu vaccine—Tucker Carlson said it best when he stated,


The covid vax has caused more self-reported injuries than all the previous vaccination campaigns for the last 50 years combined. And no one in the media has written a story about it. I sympathize with you guys who work for these companies that are truly corrupt—and you know that—but you don’t want to deal with it because you’ve got kids and a mortgage. I get it, I’ve been there.’    


A Top Vitamin to Support the Body in Detoxing

While most of us are aware of the enormous ability that vitamin C has to fight infection, many of us may not be aware that it is among the most important vitamins we can take to help the body detox during these unusual times.  


Not only does vitamin C help to repair tissue in all parts of the body, produce collagen to regrow cartilage, and repair bones and teeth, it is also a highly effective antioxidant. As a result, it helps to deactivate free radicals which can accumulate in the body and lead to a toxic state.  


What Exactly Are Free Radicals?  

As defined by the National Cancer Institute, free radicals are ‘unstable molecules that can build up in cells and cause damage to other molecules’. They are produced within the body as by-products of metabolism, or, acquired through exposure to environmental (and emotional) toxins such as air pollution, smoking, poor nutrition, chronic stress and chemical-based cleaning products, to name a few.  


Essentially, anything that is toxic contributes to a toxic state. And when there is a toxic state, we are at greater risk of disease including heart disease, cancer, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.  


Dr Melina Roberts, a Naturopathic Doctor, Award Winning Author and TEDx Speaker, has spoken to the tremendous benefits of vitamin C and its crucial role in the detoxification process, stating,  


Vitamin C supports detoxification by converting toxins to harmless substances that are eliminated through the urine.’


Top Sources of Vitamin C

While many of us think that the top source of vitamin C is found in oranges, there are in fact many lesser known sources that are right at our fingertips.


These include:

*Red Bell Peppers (nearly 3x’s more vitamin C than oranges!)

*Guava Fruit

*Hot Chilli Peppers







*Black Currants

*Brussels Sprouts




Herbs High In Vitamin C (make a great tea!)

The below herbs are top choices to increase vitamin C levels and provide the body with additional detox support. Herbs can be added to water after bringing to a gentle boil, at which time the herbs are added and the water is reduced to simmer. When ready, it may be consumed as a healthy tea that rehydrates the body, supports the organs of filtration such as the kidneys and liver and the elimination pathways including the intestines and colon.




*Wild Rose Petals and Rosehips

*Orange Peel

*Red Raspberry Leaves

*Hibiscus Flowers



Dr Zelenko’s Z-Dtox™ with 500 Milligrams of Vitamin C

In addition to drinking lots of water, engaging in light to moderate daily exercise, and consuming a healthy detox diet, it is also important to support the body with a high quality supplement that contains vitamin C. This is why Dr Zelenko included 500 MILLIGRAMS (mg) of vitamin C in every dose of Z-Dtox™ in order to support the detoxification process of the blood, organs and tissue.


As one of our top-selling, all-natural, non-pharmaceutical supplements, Z-Dtox™ also contains the balanced blend of vitamin D3, zinc, NAC and EGCG to compliment its optimal dose of vitamin C.  


In Summary

We are living in unique times and our body (and minds) are being bombarded from all directions with toxins of every kind. This is wreaking havoc on our moods, energy levels, and ability of our overburdened body to remove toxins without additional support. No matter how diligent and aware we may be in our choices to live a toxin-free lifestyle, we inevitably are impacted through our water, food, air, clothing, household and personal care products.


So while we may not be able to avoid many of the toxins of these times entirely, we can lessen the impact they have on our health by supporting our body in the detoxification process.


Get your Z-Dtox™ today!


Look after yourself.

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