Global Insecurity could lead to Prescription Drug Shortages –

Global Insecurity could lead to Prescription Drug Shortages –
Be Prepared

The peace and stability we enjoyed under President Trump is now a distant memory, as bloodshed, turmoil and instability are sweeping across the Middle East.


Sadly, the death and destruction we are seeing on our tv’s can have dozens of unforeseen impacts on Americans.


Global instability, on a scale we haven’t seen in decades, is not only possible – but likely – should the war in Israel expand to others in the Middle East. This instability will not only mean higher gas prices and increased inflation, but it could mean serious challenges to the supply chain.


Supply chain issues would put pressure on an already stressed out healthcare system – a report prepared for the US Senate found that drug shortages were up 30% in 2022 – including shortages in common antibiotics and antiparasitics.


Indeed, the same US Senate report found that as much as 80 to 90% of certain key ingredients for common medications are made overseas – leaving American consumers at risk in the event of supply change issues.


Now more than ever, consumers should be looking for alternatives to prescription medications – and that’s where Z-Stack comes in!


First, and foremost, among the big pharma alternatives is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s Z-Stack formula.


Z-Stack is the over-the-counter version of the Zelenko Protocol, which was famously followed by President Donald Trump when he had COVID.


Z-Stack isn’t just your secret weapon in the fight against COVID, Z-Stack is your everyday immune boosting supplement – that can help keep you and your family healthy!


Big pharma doesn’t want you to be able to protect yourself, they want you to be reliant on their poisons, but Dr. Zelenko was committed to creating a supplement that would protect individuals from all kinds of viruses.


Here is how Z-Stack works:

Now is the time to start taking your immune system seriously, which is why you should be taking Z-Stack every single day.

Don’t be reliant on shaky supply chains and corrupt big pharmaceutical companies…



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