After I heard that Elon Musk was buying Twitter, I thought maybe the culture would be different. So I signed up again. And to my surprise they allowed my account to continue to be active.
Within 4 days I had about 175,000 followers and I was sharing information.

This morning I posted the following question:

According to the CDC, healthy children have a 99.998% recovery rate from COVID-19 with NO treatment. What is the rationale for vaccinating this demographic? 

↑ This tweet got me suspended! Which rules am I violating exactly? ↑

I thought this was a legitimate question. However, within about 2 minutes my account was suspended.

I don't really care about Twitter, I care about you! I want to be able to convey and transmit information effectively. To the best of my knowledge, the information I convey and transmit is accurate. It's the true narrative based on my experience, research, teaching and so on.

I think the real victim here is the American people who are being censored. Only the false narrative is being pumped into the homes of the American people.

Anything that has legitimate medical truth is being suppressed.