Your Top Zelenko Necessity for The Times.

Your Top Zelenko Necessity For The Times.  



Supply chain challenges have been resurfacing across the US, Canada and all around the world, impacting the availability of common health supplements we have come to rely on.


Throw heightened regulatory monitoring of health company website content into the mix—Zelenko Labs included—and we are reminded of what we are up against.  


Stay in line!

Watch your wording!

Don’t make any health claims!

Otherwise you’re axed.  


In other words, don’t tell the truth.  


From potential shortages to regulatory monitoring, it is important that we all remain prepared and one step ahead—no matter how calm the waters may appear right now.  


One of the ways we do this is by ensuring we are stocked up on the necessities of the times. One of these necessities is Dr Zelenko's original Z-Stack™. An all-in-one formula developed to help keep us healthy and out of a crumbling medical system.


Dr Zelenko’s Original All-In-One Formulation

Why does Z-Stack™ continue to be our number one best-seller? Because it works.


Not only was Z-Stack™ developed by Dr Zelenko as his original protocol at the onset of the plandemic, it was backed by diligent research in order to formulate the perfect combination of ingredients, with the optimal dosage, to effectively support the body in fighting off infection.


In a nutshell, this premier immunity supplement works synergestically to maximize absorption of each supplement in order to support cellular activity and give an extra boost of immune support when needed most.


Two key ingredients also work with one another in the way that a gun works with a bullet.


The Gun and Bullet Analogy

Dr Zelenko stated in his many censored interviews how we can best protect ourselves from the influenza virus, single stranded RNA viruses and covid.  


“I don’t care which variant it is”, he stated. “All variants are treated the same way by me.”


This even includes the H5N1 virus—otherwise known as the Avian Bird Flu Virus—which at present time, is a headliner many of us are keeping our eyes on in order to stay prepared and one step ahead at all times.


As for the gun and bullet analogy?


A study published in The National Library of Medicine demonstrated the inhibitory effects of zinc sulfate in combination with a zinc-ionophore such as quercetin, citing, “very strong antiviral activity (p<0.001) against the H5N1 avian influenza virus with a reduction in the virus by up to 7.6 times”.  


Therefore, the key is in this combo.


This would of course, include comparable results for virtually all viruses and variants as noted above by Dr Zelenko.  


Z-Stack™ not only contains the highest dosage of zinc sulphate out of any other Z-product (30 mgs in every serving), it also contains quercetin. A powerful zinc-ionophore which moves zinc into the cells and provides an extra layer of protection when cells are attacked.  


Dr Zelenko's gun and bullet analogy explain this synergistic relationship. In the simplest of terms he stated,  


Zinc is the bullet.

Quercetin is the gun.


The Perfect Blend and Dosage Of Four Ingredients

Vitamin C:

Numerous studies have demonstrated that vitamin C helps to reduce the likelihood of viral infections. It is an important factor in many bodily processes and highly effective at supporting the iimmune system. Vitamin C levels may be increased by consuming citrus fruits, berries, cruciferous vegetables and taken in supplement form.


Vitamin D3:

Studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D may be linked to an increased risk of viral infections and disease. Dr Zelenko described vitamin D as an "absolutely essential" supplement based on data which shows people with high normal levels are "virtually assured" not to get admitted into an intensive care unit. Vitamin D levels can be increased by spending time in the sun, consuming fish, seafood, egg yolks, or taken in supplement form.  


Zinc: Research has shown that zinc may have strong antiviral properties and help prevent viral replication in the cells. Dr Zelenko described zinc’s ability to inhibit the influenza virus and protect against ‘all strains of covid’, as noted in detail above. Sources of zinc can be found in shellfish, red meat, seeds and nuts. Zinc may also be taken in supplement form.


Quercetin: Studies have demonstrated that quercetin promotes a healthy immune response and boosts the body’s ability to absorb and utilize essential nutrients such as vitamin C. It also plays a vital role in moving zinc into the cell, as in the “bullet and gun” analogy presented by Dr Zelenko. Some of the highest sources of quercetin can be found in capers, red onions, blueberries, cherries, grapes and green tea. Quercetin may also be taken in supplement form.


Dr Zelenko’s original Z-Stack™ formulation contains all four of these supplements in balanced dosages to help protect against respiratory infections and support a healthy immune system.


Hear It Straight From Our Favorite Doctor

We stood with Dr Zelenko from the very beginning when he was attacked, smeared and censored for speaking the truth. And we will continue to reinforce the truth that he stood for. To remind our supporters that each and every single word that he spoke during these times remains true today.


If you haven't yet watched the "Zelenko Protocol" video featuring Dr Zelenko, or would like a reminder as to the enormous effectiveness of his Z-Stack™ protocol, then please watch and enjoy (approximately 2 minutes).



Click Here To Watch Video


Be sure to stay one step ahead at all times by re-stocking your supply if running low, or by giving Z-Stack™ a try for the very first time.

It's our number one seller for a reason.

Get your Z-Stack™ today!

Look after yourself.

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